At Australian Import & Export Fumigation Services, we’ve earned our reputation for how we treat pests, and also for how well we treat our customers. While our services and methods have continued to evolve, our values have not: To embody the ideals of an industry leader by providing careful, conscientious, professional pest control solutions To conduct business in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity and ethics To make customer satisfaction our top priority
We value long term relationships with our colleagues and customers, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service with every visit from your Technical Service Representative. Our team of experts in the field of entomology and pest concern resolution will guarantee that you remain a satisfied customer for years to come.
Integrity lies at the heart of Australian Import & Export Fumigation Services. The trust that we inspire in our customers and stakeholders is the key to our success as an organization and as individuals. As leaders in our industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional behavior. Our Code of Integrity defines the main principles of professional integrity for the Australian Import & Export Fumigation Services and is an expression of the values that are shared throughout our organization, our businesses and our affiliates. We are committed to a culture where issues of integrity and professional ethics can be raised and discussed openly. Guidance and support is available to help employees and other stakeholders acting on behalf of, or representing, our organization to understand the Code and to help them make the right decision when faced with an ethical dilemma.
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