Export fumigation


Exporting commodities or good required higher precision of protection and fumigation is the one of the processes which assists to ensure insect and pest free commodities or containers to be assured of protection of goods from devastation.  There are several reasons which cause infestation near port like:

  • Humidity in the atmosphere causes infestation
  • Residue of insects and pest that causes infestation
  • Containers having insects from the previous transportation

To such a problem export fumigation treatment is right choice, has a simple, economical and effective procedure of removing insects and pests from the containers or warehouses. It is advisable to employ export fumigation in a warehouse used to store the commodities before exporting and containers which are used pack commodities for exporting in the cargo. Prior fumigation prevents the large fumigation expenditure and keeps your goods contamination free throughout the voyage.

If you are engrossed in export/import of valuable goods, export fumigation is the best treatment which devoid of your worry about protection of goods from insects and pests. We are authorized export fumigation service provider employ proper fumigation service which conforms to pytho sanitary measure and IPPC standards by considering the right temperature and pressure respective to the chemical used in the export fumigation treatment.

We achieve export fumigation service by employing either of the below chemicals:

  • Phosphine
  • Methyl bromide

What we serve as Export Fumigation service provider:

  • Fumigation of raw and processed commodities for import/export
  • Fumigation of logs, misc, wood chips, pallets for import/export
  • Fumigation of fruits, dry fruits and vegetables for import/export
  • Fumigation of warehouses where commodities are stored for import/export
  • Fumigation of empty containers for import/export
  • Fumigation of packed containers for import/export
  • Fumigation with ISPM certified stamp on each fumigated product

Why Australian Import & Export Fumigation pest control for cargo Fumigation service:

  • IPPC/ISPM 15 certified pest control consultancy
  • 32 years of elongated experience in fumigation
  • 32 years of elongated experience in quarantine fumigation
  • Professional and trained team for fumigation treatment
  • employment of advanced technology for efficiency and efficacy
  • guarantee of 100% pest control at economical rate
  • Reputed fumigation service provider across all Australian  port
  • one stop solution to all types of pests

Note: The time taken by fumigants to work effectively depends on the type of infestation, dosage, temperature, size of the fumigated space and some other factors.

We are certified Export fumigation service provider in Australian and widely acknowledged by our clients due to rendering effective fumigation service by employing a simple and economical procedure. To get in touch, call us @ 0400 675 022