ISPM 15 Standard Fumigation


ISPM 15 is an international standard for Phytosanitary measures no. 15 developed by the IPPC (International plant protection convention) that is apparently indicates the necessity to treat wood material of a thickness more than 6mm, utilized to ship products between countries. The main objective of ISPM 15 fumigation is to prevent disease and insects that could negatively affect plants or the environment.

ISPM 15 states the treatments and protocols are required to decrease the invasive quarantine pests that results from the usage of WPM (Wood Packaging Material) for shipping items between two countries. We as a Rex Pest control consultancy have profound knowledge of the ISPM 15 fumigation requirement and hence perform fumigation that complies with ISPM 15 standards. We employ methyl bromide certified treatment with the aid of a professional to achieve effective ISPM 15 fumigation of the all types of WPM (Wood Packaging Material).

Additionally, we are authorized ISPM 15 fumigation service provider employ stamp which we apply to each packaging to signify treatment.

Our ISPM 15 internationally indentified certification mark encompasses:

  • IPPC certification symbol
  • XX: that signify ISO country code where the wood was treated
  • 000: that signify the unique certification number, ensures that the WPM can be traced back to the treatment provider
  • YY: that is abbreviation where:
  • MB: is the code for methyl bromide fumigation

Apart from ISPM 15 certification mark, we include company name, manufacturer, batch number, logo as per the customer’s requirement.

What we serve as ISPM 15 fumigation service provider:

  • Fumigation of raw and processed commodities for import/export
  • Fumigation of logs, misc, wood chips, pallets for import/export
  • Fumigation of fruits, dry fruits and vegetables for import/export
  • Fumigation of warehouses where commodities are stored for import/export
  • Fumigation of empty containers for import/export
  • Fumigation of packed containers for import/export
  • Fumigation with ISPM certified stamp on each fumigated product

Why Australian Import & Export Fumigation pest control for cargo Fumigation service:

  • IPPC/ISPM 15 certified pest control consultancy
  • 32 years of elongated experience in fumigation
  • 32 years of elongated experience in quarantine fumigation
  • Professional and trained team for fumigation treatment
  • employment of advanced technology for efficiency and efficacy
  • guarantee of 100% pest control at economical rate
  • Reputed fumigation service provider across all Australian ports
  • one stop solution to all types of pests

Note: The time taken by fumigants to work effectively depends on the type of infestation, dosage, temperature, size of the fumigated space and some other factors.

We are certified ISPM 15 fumigation service provider in Australian and widely acknowledged by our clients due to rendering effective fumigation service by employing a simple and economical procedure. To get in touch, call us @ 0400 675 022