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Shipping container fumigation

Shipping container fumigation

Shipping container fumigation is a must for businesses involved in international shipping and trade. But what does shipping container fumigation entail? And what exactly is its importance in international trade?

  1. Fumigation is a legal requirement.In most countries, fumigation is a legal requirement; especially in cases where in wood materials are used to pack the goods. Most countries require a fumigation certificate to import goods.
  1. Fumigation ensures that the cargo is safe. Fumigation in the simplest sense is the method of killing pests, termites, and any other harmful organisms that might have involuntarily been included in the cargo. Hence, fumigation prevents the transfer of such between countries, and ensures that the cargo as a whole is safe. At the same time, fumigation is also used to disinfect and purify containers.
  1. Fumigation is beneficial to packing materials. Untreated packing materials may be prone to infestation and could become carriers for pests – which shipments could then introduce to other countries, placing more areas at risk. Therefore, fumigation is a must for packing materials such as wooden packaging, carpets, mats, curtains, boxes, and pallets.

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  1. We provide surveys to determine the extent of service and fumigation materials needed. This to ensure that the fumigation operations will be highly effective and economical for the client.

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